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Massage Therapy

Massage appointments are available by request, plase contact the salon on 456 4561 or email [email protected]

Absolutely nothing compares to the feeling after a full body massage! The sense of serenity, peace & well-being that a full body massage gives you is indescribable.

Massage Therapy is well known for relieving stress, improving the immune system, detoxifying the body and keeping your muscles loose. Having regular massage Therapy can help overcome sleep problems, allowing you to get more quality rest and keep you on top of your game when awake.

Your Red Ribbon massage can be remedial & energising, or nurturing & relaxing. The choice is yours, simply explain how you feel and what you need. All Red Ribbon Massage Therapy treatments are based on Swedish Massage Therapy which uses a style of long, flowing strokes. The pressure of the strokes & massage is always in your control, firmer or lighter let us know and we will alter our pressure to suit.

At Red Ribbon Beauty we choose to massage with Tui Balms. This New Zealand brand offers us superior quality massage mediums made from all natural ingredients. The balms contain no synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, parabens or other chemical additives. You choose the aromatic scent you love.

Back Bliss 30 min      49

Beautiful Back Detox, exfoliation, steam and massage 40 min    59

Full Body Relaxation 60 min      79